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5/3/1 for Highland Games

It has been quite some time since I posted on this blog and A LOT of stuff has gone down in the interim. Most notably (at least of the things that are within the scope of this blog) I have swapped my focus from powerlifting to the Highland Games. This was a much more involved process than I previously imagined. Not only have I had to lower the amount of time I dedicated to strength training, I had to change my strength training focus from absolute strength to power. Finding a balance in my training and preparation for the highland games was challenging at first as I was subconsciously unwilling to let go of the training volume I was used to in the weight room; however, I have progressed and my training is coming together nicely. In doing so I have created an easy to follow 5/3/1 template that I recently began following. I'll be adding 5lbs per month to the training max of every lift with the exception of squat and deadlift to which I will add 10lbs a month. To download the usable spreadsheet with formulas visit this thread:

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